Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Apologies for the delay

Sorry guys about getting this battle organised. I have been down on my cups a bit over the last few weeks, a young buddy of mine passed away a few weeks ago and I have to admit his passing sure gave me the speed wobbles.
Its odd how life works sometimes, you get old farts like me who have a host of close shaves and not a scratch then you get a young guy like my friend newly married, his first baby boy born just a few months ago, brought a large farm and then has a horse accident and breaks his spine. Lives through that and 3 following operations and dies on the Op table on his fourth Op with a massive stroke.
Just when you think things are coming right for him and his family bloody ole fate goes and puts in finger on the spokes and he dies, just dont figure huh.

Well I have been busy helping his widow and her family get organised out ont heir farm and the whole process has sure bummed me out, But now I am back in town and getting myself together, so the battle will be up and ready in the next week.


  1. it's sad when people who seem to younge die. in the village we once lived in their was a young boy, who everyone knew well and liked. helped out everybody.

    sadly he had a heart attack while playing rugby and passed away at the age of 13. very sad and very unexpected.

  2. It's especially tough on a young family just starting out. What terrible luck.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys and yes I think it was the fact that he had so much to live for that burned me so much.

  4. RIP Barry Ronald Taylor - died 13/Oct/2013 no voy a perder tus mentiras!

  5. Yes, almost three years now since Barry passed away. RIP Baztay