Monday, April 8, 2013

New Blog

I have started a blog in which I have will develop as a Kriegspiel blog, the intention is to develop it into all things Kriegspiel so on that basis I will welcome all advise and links you may feel others would benefit from.

I have started with my own system, the odd thing was I have my system in a series of charts totaling 2 pages, it came a rude shock when I had to write the rules that explained the charts and ended up with a 8 page novel.

I enjoy the Kriegspiel system very much, to me it adds icing to a wargame and definitely defines campaigns into something extraordinary. I would recommend to all trying out a kriegspiel campaign or battle.

I have split my system into The Strategic game and the Battle game. Were I to run a local kriegspiel Campaign game I would use the Campaign rules in a PBEM system where I would send maps and reports via the web but when battles are to be fought they are done so on the table.
However when I run a international PBEM campaign game then I would include the battle system in which players receive the strategic reports and maps, as well as the tactical maps in which they lay down their orders.
In the course of a large battle I would be bouncing back reports and queries as to changing situations until the battle is resolved.

In time I will be including a Players invitation list where you can send in your details if you wish to play in a kriegspiel game or run one. Please do not limit your interests to my own system as I know there are others out there that are most likely far better, the idea is to build a community of like minded people who can get together over the web to fight battles and chat on common issues.

This blog the Vales of Lyndhurst will be run as a PBEM Kriegspiel Campaign, when battles are able to be fought on the tables they will, however if they cannot for any reason then the battles will be fought using my battle system. The battles could either be solo or with other players as generals.

The Blog includes a forum that you can join and chat till your hearts content.

The link to the new Blog site is

My Kriegspiel System

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