Sunday, April 28, 2013

Battle of Luton - Part 1 - Armies deploy

(This battle will be fought using me Kriegspiel battle system.)

Terrain features
The river marsh area to the confederation right (as you look at the map) is quite uncrossable to all units.
Off map to the left of the Confederation army is another marsh heavy wooded area.
The Claudia River (just behind the Royalist front line units, will disorganise Infantry and artillery  for 2 movement phases, cavalry 1 movement phase. All other streams disorganise for 1 movement phase.

All woods are considered light and offer a defence value of 1, hedges also have a DV 1.
Farm buildings have a DV of 2.
Hedges will prevent cavalry charges but Cavalry will be able to move across hedges (via gates, gaps etc) to move from one pasture to another.

The initial Deployment

The map above shows the leading units of the Confederation Army (6th Brigade) entering the battlefield.
The Royalist 6th Brigade is deployed in a line across the Hipsley - Sluice  farms area, their orders are  to slow the Confederation advance until General Graham arrives with the remainder of the army. He is about one hours march away
The Confederation Army is off map on the northern (Top) edge of the map.

The Confederation Army largely due to Lord Ashley's order that the cavalry screens and patrols remain close to the main body more or less stumbled on the Royalist forces in the Hipsley farm area, The initial deployment of the leading 6th Brigade was very cramped, it was therefore their task to create space on the battlefield by pushing back the Royalist forces deployed in and around Hipsley farm.

The 1st Part of the AAR will be posted here soon, it is currently being fought.


  1. looking good, that river is very well placed. the battle should be interesting.

  2. Thanks Gowan, it is certainly looking bad for the Royalists a little way into the battle, a lot of looking over their shoulders for the rest of the army.

  3. What a cool battle map - those little figures and farmhouses gives the whole thing a certain - elegance? panache? thing? - a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that makes me wish I'd thought of it!

    It looks as though the Parliamentarian Army has stumbled into a promising action!

  4. Thanks Ion, yeah the little men do add a dimension that was missing, sort of half way between models and board game, wish I was clever enough to do them in 3D. I spend hours going over old maps looking for the right place, then they need to be altered to suit a battlefield. Doing the blog this way is certainly labour intensive, but I confess I enjoy watching the battles unfold. In this battle except for the opening fire, the Royalist have had really bad die rolls, a 3 being the high point.

    I agree re the Parliamentarians having a nice time of it, the dice roll was not kind to General Graham and his reinforcing army and I expect young General Preston in for a torrid time.
    The Battle system seems to be working quite well, the casualties are not over heavy (unless you are 1 battalion against 3), but the unit cohesion certainly limits what units can do as it mounts and everything adds to cohesion slowly being whittled away.
    I count cohesion as unit discipline, morale and tiredness.