Sunday, February 17, 2013

Its been a while!

I seem to not have posted for sometime and I can assure you its not because of a lack of interest. I have had a spell in hospital getting various bits removed, its all part of my new cunning diet plan.
I have had the Gall bladder out the small intestine made smaller a few other bits and pieces cast aside and what with a previous op taking out the prostrate I am getting rid of a lot of body mass. According to the doc I have always had issues between my ideal body weight according to the body mass indicator, so my cunning plan is to eventually dump all the organs I can so the body mass drops drastically and my goal weight corresponds, hence no more whining doc.

Anyway this is both by way of an explanation why the storyline suddenly stopped as well as an apology to the Archduke Piccolo for delaying the end of his rebellion Archduke Piccolo Blog, we have a battle in progress but it has remained unfinished because I have been in hospital for over a week, so we will be hopefully completing his little scrap soon.


  1. Sorry to hear of your hospitalisation - hope you are feeling better now .

    1. Yep slowly getting my act together but its taking a while, thanks for asking


  2. No hurry, Barry, eh? From my own perspective it has been just as well, as I've had my own health issues, though fairly trivial by comparison (turns out a cracked tooth was giving me gyp, but a couple of visits to the dentist and some antibiotics and I might (with luck) have escaped the root canal or the pliers).