Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some changes within the blog

Now the ruling Council has been broken up by the arrival of the new young king James III the English political geography has changed, thus I have deleted the Ruling Council Page and updated it with a current situation of England in the mid 18th Century at least as far as it goes in my Imagi Nation of England.

The first and obvious change is that there are now maps to show the reader where the various characters have their power bases. In reading the maps it soon becomes obvious that the factions are quite spread out and not always within just one area, this will allow for a lot of smaller actions before we drift into larger battles at a later stage.

The other aspect I have changed is to bring James III up from the age of 11 to 15, this will allow him to reach the age where he can rule alone much quicker.

In a different note I have received my first order of wargame factory figures, I love the figures once assembled but with shaky hands I have found it a little to exacting sometimes to make them perfect, but we are getting there. I have not started the painting process yet, that is a joy to come this weekend I expect, as long as the visitors give me some time alone.

This Xmas and New Year period has been a very social one, it has not allowed for any gaming and all the blog writing was done very late at night and early mornings. I am now hoping the swarm of visitors will quieten so we in Lyndhurst can get back to out routines. I have had two princesses staying with me and their suggestions for the painting of  my Lyndhurst army always seems to revolve around pink, what a shame barbie doesn't have a SYW model, I could so easily distract them.

Anyway the Lyndhurst story is ready for its next stage, that is the struggle to rule England. But first the struggle is less for England and more about the Nobles hanging onto the areas they have while they try to take lands from other nobles. In other words many Lords will see their own survival and well being goes before that of England, it seems the Council of Nobles has gone but the mind set remains.

 For those observant readers they will have noticed that there is little on what happens to Wales, Scotland and Ireland; the reason I have left them out at this stage is I want to concentrate on the English scene and then the other areas will eventually be drawn into it at a later stage.


  1. Cheers!
    Looking eagerly forward to discover the developments, now that the dogs of war are unleashed.

    James is indeed in better posture to become more than a pawn in the game of thrones. Still Lutheran, probably?

    [Btw what do you have against *pink*? Not for a whole army, of course, but won't your neo-feudal England allow a noble daughter of a declining father, or a noble widow, to raise her own regiment ^-^?
    Call it 'polish crimson' if you prefer, or amaranth à la Murat); and pink *facings* were not uncommon, historically.]

  2. Yes James is still Lutheran and will convert to Presbyterian very soon. I envisage a period of where there will be power games around the boy, but eventually and rather dramatically he will find his feet to rule, but that is sometime in the future.