Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Imagi World of England and Europe.

When trying to understand the England of my Imagi nation world I would encourage readers  to visualise a nation in meltdown, England is not that fair and powerful Kingdom of real History. It has gone through years of violent civil wars and decades of  warfare between nobles, many of the battles have been fought between various factions, many of those factions dividing families.

 For years following the first English Civil War many of the European powers such as France, Holland and Scotland all supported claimants to the English throne real or otherwise, whenever one of these claimants attempted to land in England to stake their claim the English warring factions would briefly unite to repel the threat, once they defeated the common enemy the internal struggle would renew once more.

It is the mid 18th century, Europe is vastly different than what we know of our own real historic Europe the French, Austrian,Prussian,Russian and Dutch nations are all at war with each other, the struggles within England are now far from their minds.

For many years there has not been a legitimate claim for the English throne, thus by the Treaty of  York the Nobles agreed to run the country through a Governing Council of Nobles, sadly this council  became a totally dysfunctional body and for decades there has been little done to ease the constant struggle for power. Every year there had been border disputes between Nobles, peasant uprisings and the constant threat of a international invasion, however despite these tensions  England has been experiencing a rare state of internal peace for the last two years, but again the old issues of power and greed threaten to spoil over into wars.

There had been one glimmer of hope for many, that came from the Archbishop of Canterbury who had been given a commission by Parliament to approve the historical accuracy of Noble lineage's. These were important when individuals made claims of nobility which gave them access to the halls of power. The Archbishop formed  a team of experts to instigate an exhaustive research into the lines of nobility of England and it was in the course of these investigations that a new and previous unknown line of the Royal family was discovered.
The Commission discovered that a bastard child had been born to Charles I when he was a young man. To hide the infidelity and to ensure the quiet succession of  future legitimate off spring the bastard child was sent away. For many years it was believed he may have lived in Austria, then the trail was lost and no more was heard of him, until the Archbishop announced that there was without doubt a legal claim to the empty throne if the recipients were indeed still alive.
The Archbishop was murdered before he could announce where this claimant was now living, his quarters and records were burnt, the team of investigators now realised their lives were forfeit if they were discovered, they fled to the one place where they knew their secret was safe; that place was where the descendent of the bastard child now lived, they fled to Lyndhurst County.

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